Monday, March 29, 2010

The night before the day.....

Well, Mum is here, I have just finished dinner and it's getting closer and I am getting more nervous!!!!
The next time I post I will have been banded!! Woohooooooo!! :)

Sleeping Beauty

Currently watching Sleeping Beauty with my students.. keeping them and me busy!
This time tomorrow I will be a real sleeping beauty!! :)

6:51am Monday

Right, up for work. Had breakfast and a cuppa tea. Now sitting watching the TV my mind wonders to tomorrow. Oh my god. It's tomorrow.... arrghh...

Let's see just how well I teach my P/1/2's today. Luckily I have sleeping beauty to watch.. teehee!! :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Imagination clothes!!

You know what?
I went into Imagination the other day, and thought, in a year I know I will be able to fit into these clothes. For those who don't know, Imagination is a wonderful clothes shop, that sells lovely imported clothes  (beautiful skirts and tops etc etc... stuff that I have always loved). Those clothes are imported from Asia. Meaning XL really would be a tight size 14. So, in always admiring those clothes, yet never being able to get anything but a little toe into those clothes, I am so looking forward to walkiing in there in a year and buying stuff off the rack, knowing it will fit me!! 
This is an example of the lovely skirts they have....

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Well well well

I am officially on the countdown.. 3 more sleeps, one more day at school then I will be banded.
I am starting to get a bit scared and nervous and excited all at once.
I am scared because what if something goes wrong during or after?
Nervous because it's a major operation, even though it's key hole, it's still a Big Deal!! And cause I know that Mum is worried too!! It's normal for Mums to worry about their kids!!
Excited because it will be the start of a real weight loss journey that I have already had 9 long years trying many different ways to lose weight and to be happy!
So I will blog again this weekend no doubt and definitely before I go into the hospital on Tuesday

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pre hospital pjs!!

Ok so today I went to see the Athesistist and had my pre surgery visit. My anthestist is so nice and lovely. I know he will look after me well. My blood pressure was up today, however it generally is around doctors, but normally is it a tad high as well. I then went into Hobart Private and had a very clinical chat with the nurse, once again BP was up a bit, but the oxygen levels in my blood was good (99 it said, not that I know what that means!) and my heart beat waw fine.
I then went to buy some comfy hosiptal jammies as I don't sleep in them, and the ones sloth around in at home is a top and bottom. I don't want anything around my belly to start with so bought a comfy nighty (not the nana type ones!). But now comes the scary thing... I wanted it to be comfy, so I bought a dun dun daaaaah size 22. I am ashamed to say that. Really I am. I also bought some nice slippers. I went home and tried it on. Here is what I will be slothing around in about a week.. It says "When pigs fly...." on them!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

One week to go!!

Tomorrow I am going to the Anaesthetis and my pre surgery clinic.. Tomorrow it is offically one week until I get my band in. Tonight I was filling my forms out and it kind of hit me. I am getting it done. In. One. Week. Started to think... What am I doing? One week to eat a nice peice of steak! hehe...