Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just dropping by to say Hello and that 14ish kilos down I do feel really good. I go to the gym, though not often, but when I do, I don't get puffed and feel good afterwards.
I go and see Tony in two weeks and I want to be 1.5 kilos lighter! Finger crossed.
At this time of the year it's report writing time. Something that all teacher loathe!! It takes over my weekends and I have no life for about fours weeks.

On top of that I have decided to start a Graduate Certificate in Education (Leadership) and in about a month my first 2000 words essay is due. So no real life for me for a while.

Dooley still comes down every fourth weekend, but he is looking for work here, so hopefully we will be together again soon! <3

Band news: Piklets (made my students, I haven't tried any others), devon, pizza and large pasta shells get stuck. By stuck I mean the slime comes and sometimes food with it! Its horrible. 30+ mins of dissatifaciton and walking around and several trips to the toilet to get the saliva up, is not fun. I don't touch these anymore.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Joy of joy I can now say I'm 84..... point 9 kilos!
I went into Valley Girl today. I have never put foot into that store for fear of sale girls shouting "get out fatty. Go to millers!"
Anyway I bought a jumper. Large but still a jumper from Valley Girl. A great achievemement!