Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Big changes are happening..
I have a new job as education manager at Melbourne aquarium.. I start on the 11th... I had to resign from my teaching job, and that was hard, because it was all abrupt however I've been wanting a change for a while..so I finally had the confidence to apply and two interviews and a presentation later, I got it.
Now the fun part is to go clothes shopping as I have nothing to wear.....
Weight wise I'm about 74.5 and food choices are getting better! Starting to exersize a bit more too.. Only 9.5 kilos off my goa! Woot!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


So it's been over a year since my banding, and I have gone from 98 to 75 kilos. From a 24 to a 14. From not really knowing how big I was, to realising I am now "normal" size. And it's great!
I still have the big girl thought and still think I am big somedays, but when I go into shops and try on 14's and mediu, to small tops, I am in heaven!!

Monday, January 10, 2011


OK so in the past month these things have happened:
I moved back to St. Kilda (Melbourne) to be with Dooley. He got a pay rise and is now State Manager of his company.
I got a new job at Brighton Beach Primary School teaching Grade 3.
My weight has stayed the same if not up half a kilo due to eating crappily and drinking alcohol. It was Christmas after all.
I am going to get my motorcycle licence so I can get a pink (hopefully) scooter. I have already bought a pink helmet.
A couple of our dearest friends came to stay for a few days. Hence alcohol and shitty food decisions continue.
Hmmm not much else.. just enjoying time off!!