Monday, January 10, 2011


OK so in the past month these things have happened:
I moved back to St. Kilda (Melbourne) to be with Dooley. He got a pay rise and is now State Manager of his company.
I got a new job at Brighton Beach Primary School teaching Grade 3.
My weight has stayed the same if not up half a kilo due to eating crappily and drinking alcohol. It was Christmas after all.
I am going to get my motorcycle licence so I can get a pink (hopefully) scooter. I have already bought a pink helmet.
A couple of our dearest friends came to stay for a few days. Hence alcohol and shitty food decisions continue.
Hmmm not much else.. just enjoying time off!!


  1. Hey Josie. Thanks for commenting on my post about going to the gym. I nearly wrote about you in that post because as I was writing about my fear and laziness of the gym I remembered writing on your blog to try to give you some encouragement to see through the excuses and just go. Crazy that I can't even follow my own advice!

    I have nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award. Check it out over at my blog.


  2. I too nominate you for the stylish blogger award
    at my blog

  3. Hi Josie,..... hope you are enjoying your new home!! and your new job! Good on Dooley for getting the promotion. I hope all is happy and well with you. Maybe we will get to catch up in March in Tassie?

  4. Time to blog Josie! How you going with it all over on the North Island??