Wednesday, September 1, 2010

shhh ! I'm listening to the band

Isn't it funny how your band talks to you? I find that at night my band is fairly tight. I sometimes find that when eating two poached eggs, my band tells me to stop half way through and stop eating. I am starting to feel full. I stop. I rest. I mainly go out for a smoke halfway through dinner. Then I try to finish. Right now I have just finished two poached eggs with a bit of shaved turkey. And right now, I am feeling full. My band is telling me that if I have any more of anything it will come back up, or the dreaded slime will happen. I love that I can feel full on not much. Yes, yes I know the whole point of the band, but god really, this band has saved me. God know what weight I would be right now. Probably sitting at 110 plus kilos. Instead I weight (in the mornings and after a pee) 81.9 kilos. So I am feeling better.
After my last self indulged rant about being slack, lazy and feeling sorry for myself, I went the the gym. Yes. I didn't listen to my excuses. I didn't turn on the TV on Monday night. I went home, got changed and sat down for about ten minutes, then just left and went and did a Combat class with my sister.
Yesterday, I took my gym clothes to work. I didn't go home. I had a coffee, got changed and went and did Pump with my Mum and sister. It felt good to do this with my family. And I love them!
So at the moment, I feel that the band has changed me for the better.
Sure I have bad days where I hate having it. When I want a steak or a big pig out of pastries, or even crave McDonalds. But I don't. I can't. I won't. The band inside me stops me from old and bad habits!
Onwards to my goal of 60 kilos!! :)


  1. Yay! 81.9 kegs, only 2kg more and you're in the 70s!

    Good job on getting to the gym. I'm like you, I torture myself of hours if I think about it too much, but if you just grab your gear and go, before you know it the workout is over and you're feeling 100% better!

    I like the sound of two poached eggs being filling for dinner. Four sleeps to go!

  2. I know. so so so close to the 70's!! I haven't been in the 70's for ten years!!

  3. Wow Josie....that is unreal being so close to the 70' inspire me:)