Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Why is it so hard to START exercising?

Ok, so I have lost 16 kilos with no exercise.
I have a gym membership, and why oh why do I find it hard to actually get there?
I need to do a list to figure out why I am not going!

  1. To keep going with the weight loss
  2. To tone up. (Don't want to be a saggy baggy elephant)
  3. So I can spend some quality time with my sister (she goes and keeps asking and asking and asking me to go with her - making me feel guilty about not going)
  4. To feel better about myself.
  5. The gym is only 5 mins away.
  6. I love doing Combat and Pump, and Spin (sometimes)
These are great reasons and I am sure the you dear readers can give me many more reasons (PLEASE do so !)

  1. I am lazy
  2. I am actually scared of going.
  3. I don't like being the biggest girl there.
  4. I don't like people looking at me and wondering what the hell I am doing there. Shouldn't I be at Macca's?
  5. I want to go but talk myself out of it.
  6. I get home, sit down and that's it. I can't be bothered to go anywhere again.(see point 5 in they why I should go and then point 1 as to why I don't!)
  7. I always have good intentions. Always. Alas I am see point 1 and point 3.
  8. I am super lazy
  9. Maybe just maybe, I think because I have lost 16 kilos without exercise the last 25 or so will also just fall off.
  10. I know that point 9 is a LIE  that I tell to myself.
So I am stuck. I WANT to go, but I avoid it. I am scared. I get tired easily (although not as much as I used to)
Every time I don't go, I can feel the disappointment in my sister (and Mum). I have let them down. I let them down getting so big and needing my lap band, so this is just another on the list.

I feel bad about letting people whom I love (and they love me) down. I feel really horrible and sad at just typing that.

I don't know what to do? I need suggestions and fast.


  1. My comment to myself.

  2. To my silly sister,

    Don`t worry, your not letting me down. You are although letting yourself down.
    Don`t worry about other people and what they think. Remember where we go to the gym, there are lots of bigger people that go there, better than club salamanca or something!!
    Just imagine, when those people looking at you (apparently) see you when you get to your goal weight. They will then stare in envy!!
    I have been going to the gym for a while now on my own alot so i am ok, it`s not that. I am just trying to encourage you, and help you!!
    I know you can do it, YOU just need to believe in yourself.
    Don`t worry, i still love you....SLACKER!! lol xxxxx

  3. But Liz I want to go there with you. I don't like you going along. I want to spend time with you.
    Thank you so much for you beautiful comments. You do still love me. Love you heaps.

  4. Hey Josie! Don't try to force yourself to go to the gym if you aren't ready. Don't worry about letting people down, you need to put you first and be kind to you, don't put yourself down. I know it can be intimidating to work out in front of people, hence the fact I never really did it, then it turned out I didn't really need to. I lost my weight by simply walking, riding an exercise bike and doing a few sit ups, squats and free weights here and there - I didn't start running until I had lost the weight. Maybe start small, can you walk around the schoolgrounds at lunch time? Just make sure you enjoy the exercise you do or it will be harder to stick at it.

  5. I wish I had a gym to go to. (well we do have one but no trainers etc)
    I wish I had someone who wanted to exercise with me.
    I wish I only had 25kgs to go lol.
    I wish you well.

  6. I was a gym junkie and know it worked, but my gym budy moved overseas and I moved into slacker mode. So I blame her ;). I still think a gym buddy is the answer for me, but not you. A psychologist (in North Hobart) that is lapband friendly practises therapy that allows you to accept and control all these negative thoughts about how 'bad' we are. Maybe she could help.

  7. Who was this last anonymous post?

  8. That would defeat the idea of anonymous, wouldn't it?

  9. Hi Josie, so know what you mean about getting to the gym! I have one in my building yet I still haven't been there all year. Last year I was going twice a week with a trainer. I find that, for me anyway, once I've gone about three weeks in a row a couple of times a week I get back in the routine of it and then I miss exercising when I can't go for some reason.
    The only classes I like are spin classes because they are not co-ordinated (I am so unco, it is not funny!) and there is little strain on my knees. Only prob is I've got a dodgy tailbone which rules out sitting on the bike at the moment. This has been excuse enough for me not to go this year.
    I think sometimes we have to go, bugger the excuses, no matter what, I'm going to get there, even if it means I sit on a bike or treadmill or whatever and don't even move if I don't want to, as long as the first step of just getting there is taken, because that is the hardest part! Then just take it from there. I defo think though that exercise is the key to getting those kegs off quicker.
    God, listen to me, I've got to reread this and take some of my own advice!
    Good luck!